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Prekindergarten Record of ESOL Closure, Kindergarten Only

About this Form

Form number: 335-41A

Audience:  School Staff

Last revised: October 2019

This document serves as the record of the conclusion of the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) status of the kindergarten student noted below who was identified ESOL in prekindergarten (Pre-K). The student is no longer a possible English Learner (EL) based on the results of the Home Language Survey (HLS) completed upon kindergarten enrollment.

This designates the ESOL Action (Exit/Closure code 999) and the ending of the ESOL record for the named student, which was determined by the results of the HLS documented and signed by the parents/guardians upon kindergarten enrollment.

This notice must be attached to the HLS completed at Kindergarten enrollment and filed in the student’s cumulative folder.

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