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Request to Telework

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Form number: 425-58

Audience:  MCPS Staff

Last revised: January 2022

Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) supports teleworking as an effective way to recruit and retain excellent employees, honor professionalism, increase flexibility, improve employee productivity, reduce the amount of time employees spend commuting to and from work, ease traffic congestion, reduce the environmental impact of car emissions, conserve office space and promote a healthy balance between home and work.

Teleworking is a flexible work location agreement available to MCPS employees when a mutually beneficial situation exists and when there is an agreement between the employee and the appropriate supervisor and chief that it is most appropriate for the situation and circumstances.

Teleworking is not universally available to all job classes or positions and must be approved in advance by the appropriate supervisor and chief. Telework is not an option that an employee can demand or has a right to expect.

Employees approved to participate in the MCPS telework program are subject to the same Board of Education policies and MCPS regulations, procedures, and practices, (hereafter referred to as MCPS rules), regardless of their work location. The employee’s work hours, compensation, benefits, work status, and work responsibilities will not change due to their participation in the telework program.

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