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Gang-Related Incident Investigation Form

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Form number: 230-38

Audience:  School Staff

Last revised: July 2017

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Form 230-37 - Gang-Related Incident Reporting Form

INSTRUCTIONS: Upon receipt of MCPS Form 230-37, Gang-Related Incident Reporting Form, the principal or designee, assistant principal, and the school security officer shall initiate an investigation within 24 hours. If the report is of a high level of severity (criminal activity, imminent danger or disruption) the investigation shall be initiated immediately but not later than 24 hours, and appropriate school system personnel shall be notified, in accordance with MCPS Regulation COB-RA, Reporting a Serious Incident.

The school principal and/or designee will contact the parents of all students involved in the gang-related behavior within 24 hours of completing the investigation. MCPS Regulation JHG-RA, Gangs, Gang Activity, or Other Similar Destructive or Illegal Group Behavior Prevention.

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