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Complaint From the Public

About this Form

Form number: 270-8

Audience:  Parents/Guardians, Public

Last revised: January 2014

Please note that personnel actions are the exclusive responsibility of the superintendent of schools
and are not subject to these public complaint procedures. For personnel-related complaints, please
contact the associate superintendent or the appropriate supervisor.

Complete Part I and return it to the principal’s/supervisor’s office. You may attach descriptive or supportive
information to the form. Keep a copy of the form and any attachments.

When your complaint form is received at the school or office, the principal/supervisor or designee should contact you within five (5) work days to establish a date and time to discuss your concern if a discussion has not already occurred. Usually, this will take place within ten (10) work days.

Within 10 work days of receipt of the written complaint, or this meeting, if any, the principal/supervisor should respond to you in writing with a decision.

Sometimes a complaint or its resolution may be too complicated or, for other reasons, cannot be decided within 10 work days. In such cases, the principal/supervisor will contact you within the first 10 days and arrange for an extension of the decision for no more than an additional 10 work days.

Adobe PDF Complaint From the Public57 KEnglish
Adobe PDF Queja del Público58 KSpanish
Adobe PDF Plainte du Public40 KFrench
Adobe PDF Khiếu Nại của Công Chúng124 KVietnamese
Adobe PDF 公眾投訴176 KChinese
Adobe PDF 민원 신청서65 KKorean
Adobe PDF ከሕዝብ የሚቀርብ ቅሬታ62 KAmharic

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