Things to Know Message for
Thursday, March 24

Here are five things to know for Thursday, March 24. They include important COVID-19 reminders, including guidance for the return from spring break;  information about mental health and crisis resources; a reminder to complete the Antiracist Audit survey, opportunities for out-of-school time activities and tips for pedestrian safety.

  1. Spring Break Begins Monday, April 11
    Remain Vigilant: The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Not Over

    Returning from spring break free from the effects of COVID-19 and the ability to complete the school year without quarantine learning or reinstated restrictions requires us to remain vigilant. It’s up to all of us. Please continue to follow the successful mitigation strategies that have reduced COVID-19 in our community.

    COVID-19 Testing:

    • Testing at Home: On Monday, April 18, families are asked to test all MCPS students using MCPS-provided rapid take-home test kits and report positive cases via our online form. If the test is positive, stay home and follow quarantine and isolation guidelines. If your child has COVID-19 symptoms or is sick, stay home. The same guidance is for staff who also are receiving the take-home test kits. Test on April 18 and report any positive cases.

      Reminder: COVID-19 symptoms are fever with a temperature of 100.4 or higher, sore throat, cough, difficulty breathing, diarrhea or vomiting or loss of taste or smell. Use this helpful student health checklist.

      MCPS will distribute COVID-19 rapid take-home test kits between March 28 and April 6.

      Directions for Use:
      VIDEO: Directions for use of COVID-19 rapid test kit
      Learn more at this website and review the flyers:
      Englishespañol  /  中文  /  françaisPortuguês한국어tiếng Việtአማርኛ 
      (Reminder: these are nasal (nose) rapid test kits; please refer to the directions included in the kits prior to use.)

    • Other Important Ways You Can Help
      Testing in Schools: Say Yes to the Test
      MCPS has in-school random testing for asymptomatic students and rapid testing for students who show COVID-19 symptoms. Parents must give permission for this testing by completing this form.
      Learn more about in-school COVID-19 testing.

    • Vaccinations: Individuals 5 and older are eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccination. They are free, safe and readily available. The vaccine is one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself and to keep COVID-19 from surging in the community. MCPS hosts vaccine clinics every weekend. Learn more

  2. Other Important Things to Know

  3. Mental Health and Crisis Support and Online Resources
    MCPS has online information to support students and families seeking mental health and crisis support resources. Every school has a student support team that includes a counselor, a school psychologist, a pupil personnel worker and a school nurse.


  4. Pedestrian Safety: Safe Routes to Schools Program
    Student safety is one of the most important jobs we all have, in our neighborhoods, and near schools. Safety should be a priority for everyone. We want children to get to and from school safely. Here are few helpful reminders:
    Tips for: Walkers / Riders / Drivers

  5. Are You Looking for Things to Do When School is Not in Session?
    MCPS  has gathered a list of in-person, live and on-demand opportunities that are available to elementary and secondary students on days when school is not in session. Some of these activities are not affiliated with MCPS. If you are interested in any of those programs, please contact those organizations directly. Upcoming dates: Thursday, March 24 (early release day), Friday, April 1 (early release day) and spring break, which begins Monday, April 11 and runs through Monday, April 18.

  6. Families Are Encouraged to Complete the Antiracist Audit Survey
    The survey closes on March 31. Please take the time to fill out the survey. It is easily completed on a mobile device or computer.
    The survey is anonymous and available in seven languages.
    Englishespañol  /  中文  /  français /  Português한국어tiếng Việt አማርኛ

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