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PACS Correction

About this Form

Form number: 280-7

Audience:  MCPS Staff

Last revised: January 2017


Us this form to correct ONLY the day or days reported in error.  It is not necessary to report the entire 2 week period.  

Keep a copy of any PACS Correction submitted at your location for audit purposes.  

Temporary Part-time is posted online using the prior pay period option. The only exception to this is for decreasing reported time. This is still corrected by sending the paper PACS Correction form to the Employee and Retiree Service Center for processing.

To view a prior pay period go into your attendance screen. Change the pay period end date to the one you wish to view. Click on your inquire icon. The status column will say final. Put an X in the attendance you wish to view and click on the attendance release box. Locate the employee you wish to view. Place an X in the FC  box. Click on the inquire icon. You will now be able to view the employee’s individual attendance for that pay period.

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