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Request for Approval of Higher Level Assignment (HLA)

About this Form

Form number: 430-24

Audience:  MCPS Staff, Principals

Last revised: August 2023

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: This form is used by central office and school administrators to request approval for an employee to serve in a higher level assignment (HLA) to fill a vacancy due to long term absence or position lapse. All school-based administrator HLA requests must be requested by the Office of School Support and Well-Being, and not by school staff. Complete Sections A-C; routing of HLA requests is determined by position type as outlined in Section C. To request an extension of an approved HLA, complete Section E on the approved request form.

All requests for HLAs and extensions of approved HLAs must be submitted prior to the start date of the HLA. All higher level assignments will end on June 30 of the fiscal year. If the need for a higher level assignment crosses fiscal years, two separate requests should be submitted, one for each fiscal year.

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