Key Facility Indicator (KFI) Data

Key Facilities Indicators

Over the past year, MCPS conducted a comprehensive facility assessment of all of our school facilities, including holding centers. This provides a baseline of information for each building across a wide range of facility aspects. MCPS contracted with an independent engineering firm to assess the facilities and collect data according to national industry standards. [Read Policy FAA]

Definition: KFIs assess major infrastructure elements in a variety of categories. KFIs are components of a facility that taken together provide an overall description of an individual school's facility condition.

The KFI data itself does not dictate or sequence specific construction projects. The large amount of data collected will be vital to understanding the needs of our facilities and strategically targeting resources to address these needs. It will inform our educational facility planning work and our ongoing efforts to sustain the useful life of our schools.

What KFIs Are

  • KFIs are used to help describe or assess the physical condition of the building
  • KFIs are used to help inform our Capital Improvements Program
  • KFIs are one of several measures used in Capital Planning. (Others are facility utilization, enrollment and program needs)
  • KFIs Allow us to benchmark our facilities against industry standards such as the Facility Condition Index (FCI)
  • KFIs assess major infrastructure elements in a variety of categories
  • KFIs assess components and assign their condition a relative index (utilizing a numerical scale) based on industry standards

What KFIs Are Not

  • KFIs will not be used to rank facilities to determine specific projects or project timelines
  • KFIs are not the only the information used in capital planning
  • KFI data is not based on subjective or anecdotal observation, KFIs are based on industry standards and scientific measurements
  • KFIs do not measure typical perceptions individuals may have by general observation
  • KFIs are not meant to capture day-to-day temporary facility issues

The data is currently available in three summary tables that display comparative information across all schools. Each table also contains the ability to hover on the column headings for a description, and to hover on the color dots for a numerical value. Each school has its own individual summary page which can be accessed by clicking on the school name within the summary tables. We will continue to add data points and elements to these displays over the coming months. Please note:

  • Schools currently under major construction are not included here but will be added in future updates when their construction is complete.
  • The assessment of security features at schools is not presented as part of this display. While the information is part of the overall analysis, the data will not be publicly displayed due to safety and security concerns.
  • The assessment of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance data is now available.

More information about Capital Improvements Program/Master Plan

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  • Conditions trending positive: Future facility needs may include possible preventive maintenance (where applicable) and minor repairs (corrective maintenance) to possibly few or some subcomponents.

  • Conditions needing review:      Future facility needs may include minor repairs to several sub-components; or significant repair, rehabilitation or replacement of one or more subcomponents, but not enough to encompass the component-section as a whole; or combinations thereof.

  • Conditions nearing the end of anticipated life span: Future facility needs may include major repair, rehabilitation or replacement to the component-section as a whole.


How to read the individual school KFI report

Page Updated: 4/29/2019